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Dona Nobis in lockdown, 2020
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In 2020 when the world stood still and we realised the choir wouldn’t be meeting for an unknown period of time, I, like all of us, felt the loss of the music that special sense of connection with other singers, at a time when all else was uncertain.

Having seen a number of beautifully compiled videos of other choirs making wonderful music from home gave me a sense of what was possible,but knowing I had neither the equipment nor the expertise to anything on a similar scale, at first defeated me but then I realised we probably all had smart phones!

I chatted about the possibilities with our conductor Will and committee members, and with their support I chose Dona Nobis Pacem and asked everyone to simply record themselves singing it through and send the recording to me.

I then sent the recordings to an audio engineer for mixing and editing, one of our other members, Megan, added the lovely photo sequence, and the result is a beautiful memory of a unique time.

Listen here

Martie Juszka, Choral Connection Soprano

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